Rock You – The Album


Track List

1# Infínita
2# Empremta
3# Hi Seràs Demà?
4# Sigues Tu
5# Decisions
6# Cure Boy
7# Incertesa
8# La Xarxa
9# No Em Parlis d’Estimar
10# Lladre De Cors

Get it Here :

Frankie (Berga)

Bar Garbi (Puig-reig)

Taverna La Melee (Navàs)

Solans Musica (Manresa)

La PaRockia (Balsereny)

La Xicra (Artes)

With a dedicated following on the Catalan rock circuit, through their tours and dynamic, powerful shows, AUTOPUT burst in to the fray with their powerful debut album titled with the simple statement of intent “Rock You”.

Blending powerful vocals in English and Catalan, as well as a quintet of top class musicians, the album promises to deliver a delight to any fan of the rock genre with impeccable vocals, sweeping and soaring guitar work, underpinned by a solid, strong and stable rhythm section to leave the listener craving for more.

For 8 years AUTOPUT have honed their craft on stages of increasing sizes and gained a dedicated, faithful family of followers, featuring the talents of David Sais (Vocals), Jordi Martínez Guals (Guitar), Xavi Centellas (Keyboards / Synths), Isi Martínez (Drums and Percussion) and latterly joined by Toni Vilaprinyó (Bass).

The album “Rock You” does just that… Firm, tight and powerful rhythm blended with sweeping guitars and piano work elevates the listener in to a state of anticipation for more; and the album delivers with blends of classic rock, sensual vocal storytelling underpinned by painterly and masterly guitar and piano work up to sweeping toe tapping choruses and crowd pleasing anthems.

It is a fine tapestry of energy and power that AUTOPUT is renowned for, the energy and power that gets the listener moving, dancing and singing and leaving them with a breathless smile on their face.

With such a spectrum of influences and styles within the band, as well as talented, intuitive musicians, this album promises something for everyone without being a scattergun approach regardless of which way they lean within the genre of rock.